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Montague Charter Academyfor the Arts and Sciences

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No School on 2/19/18............ Please have your child arrive to school on time and wearing the recommended attire. (Navy blue or khaki pants and white , blue or red polo style shirts).........  

Executive Director's Message

July 2017

Dear Montague Charter Academy parents / guardians:


     It is with great excitement that we welcome you back for the 2017-2018 school year. We are eager to showcase all the wonderful new things that Montague Charter Academy for the Arts and Sciences has in store for our parents and students. Starting with our new and improved MCA website, our new i-Ready interactive home to school enrichment program, our new CAFÉ MCA which is a product of our healthier lifestyle vision, the introduction of our new MCA / CCRC Head Start, our new sports field, and many more wonderful and exciting new things that fit perfectly with our school theme “EVERYONE CAN GO TO COLLEGE”.


We hope you had a rested and are excited to come back. Before we start the new school year on August 15, our Team would like meet with our MCA stakeholders. We believe that collaboration and communication are the bonds that keep our school community together.


We want to end the summer with important information and clear communication with our families in order to facilitate a smooth and successful year. MCA Vision statement reads, “MCA will provide a safe, supportive environment that fosters creativity, a passion for learning, and strong character development.” Following through on our mission requires a team effort.   MCA administration and staff will be conducting two days of Summer Assemblies for parents during the beginning of August packed with important information.


Our MCA Parent Cohort, MMIA (Montague Members in Action) will be supplying healthy treats and beverages for our families to purchase after our Parent Summer Assemblies (please – no food items in our auditorium). In collaboration with our MCA Parent Director: MMIA is an active voice in our learning community. MMIA participates in a variety of leadership activities: School Site Council, monthly leadership meetings, Healthy Conversations with the Principal, and community building at MCA. MMIA is a huge reason why MCA is successful. If you are interested in joining MMIA, please let us know by talking with one of our office staff members. We encourage more of our great MCA families to join MMIA and help start a powerhouse fundraising push for the New Year. Together we can accomplish anything!


As a charter school, we are fortunate to have many freedoms not afforded to regular public schools. Together we can design the program that best meets the needs of our community. In order to take advantage of these opportunities, accountability and responsibility is high; and teamwork and collaboration is a requirement. Here at MCA we see this as a win-win situation. This means that we teach our students to be proficient writers, readers, critical thinkers, scientists, artists, physically and emotionally healthy, respectful and kind people – people who care. We believe it is the best investment we can make for all of our futures. MCA staff is confident that as a team – we can accomplish anything, and together we can ensure that our vision is a reality!

It is my honor and privilege to serve as Principal of Montague Charter Academy for the Arts & Sciences.



Mr. Leonidas Tarca

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